Chemistry Style

Inspired by my father who was a Chemist, I recently designed a collection of Chemistry-themed prints for fabric.

In this post I have collected together some of my favourite finds which would look great styled alongside my Chemistry prints in your home! I particularly love teal and green tones at the moment, along with stylish mid-century furniture and vintage labware - this little lot is right up my street. Hope you enjoy!


1, 6 and 9. My Chemistry cushions - Natalie Laura Ellen   2. Azure Christie Vase - Magpie   3. Vintage Teal paint - Valspar   4. Vintage lab glass - SF Girl by Bay   5. Record PLayer - Crosley   7. Type 75 Desk Lamp - Anglepoise   8. Periodic Table Wall Chart - I Love Retro   10. Trend blog 'Labatory Botanica' - Temple and Webster   11. Mobile Chandelier - West Elm   12. Mid Century Cocktail Chair - Reloved Upholstery   13. Pappelina Doormat - homeArama